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A Bespoke Necklaces Created Out of Your Imagination

From the classic solitaire pendant to the glamorous tennis necklace, we have a range of incredible styles to suit every occasion. 

Jewelry - necklaces. Each stylization, complemented by appropriately selected jewelry and jewelry accessories, usually gains significantly. You can emphasize its advantages or, on the contrary, hide the shortcomings of not only clothes, but even figures. Therefore, when buying a necklace, it is worth planning with which wardrobe it will be combined and decide on its appropriate form. How to choose necklaces? The shape of the neckline is of key importance. Boat neckline. Blouses, sweaters and dresses with a boat-shaped neckline are the perfect backdrop for long necklaces that can even be ornate. Necklines in this shape make the shoulders and upper torso appear much fuller and it is worth slimming them through long necklaces. As a result, the entire silhouette will seem lighter, more subtle and more stylish. Long necklaces are also perfect for styles that use blouses and dresses with bare shoulders. Necklaces for round and V-necklines - both types of necklines are favorite among women, and the jewelry in their background looks exceptionally favorable. In the case of round necklines, the best choice are round necklaces with large dimensions that will definitely attract attention. Lovers of long pendants can also use them, but in this situation, more modest, minimalist models will be more appropriate. In combination with the V-neckline, hanging pendants that duplicate the shape of the neckline look best. There is one condition that must be kept, namely, the pendant must not be longer than the neckline. It is also best if it is delicate and in a minimalist shape. Jewelry accompanied by a collar. If the collar of a blouse or dress is buttoned, the best solution is to choose a necklace that can be worn under the collar like a tie. Necklaces of this type should then be more expressive so that they look at least equal to the collar. If the collar is to be unbuttoned, the shape of the cut will resemble a V-neckline, and the necklace should be selected as for this type of neckline.

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