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Charm Pendant Necklace For Women Fashion Silver Plated Party For Friend Jewelry Gifts

Together this polished silver heart confirms your love for a special person. The sterling silver heart engraved with the word Love nestles next to a silhouette outline of a heart. The moon symbolise romantic and protection. 

Secure it around your loved one's neck with the lobster clasp as you declare your undying devotion. Swoon!

This beautiful necklace is presented in a stunning box.

Just tie a beautiful ribbon around the box and choose the right moment. Love it!

  • Sterling silver plated.
  • Metal colour: silver.
  • Adjustable chain.




Zircon Moon Necklace With a Multicolored Heart

SKU: Cyrkoniowy księżyc z multikolorowym serc
  • 45 cm

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