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 Gold Rose Earrings

Elegant and skillfully crafted to the highest specification, our ravishing rose gold diamond earrings make the most precious, meaningful gift.

Choose from 9 or 18K rose gold metal and a diamond shape to suit your individual taste.

In our online store we’ve an extensive array of round cut diamond earrings, princess cut rose gold earrings, baguette cut diamond earrings, mixed shape diamond earrings, oval cut or emerald diamond earrings, all available in a colour or clarity that’s right for you or your loved one.

Rose gold diamond earrings are available in solitaire settings or in star, round, square or oval shapes, surrounded with a cluster of diamonds.

Plus don’t miss our 360 degree viewing format to admire the entire diamond earrings from every angle.

9K Rose Gold Earrings or 18K Rose Gold Earrings